The things I learned from my experience in music are discipline, perseverance, dependability, composure and courage… Not a bad preparation for the real world - Gregory Anrig, President, Educational Testing Service of America

Music Classes 4 to 6 years

  • Autumn Term 2018: €60
  • Christmas Term 2018: €55
  • Spring Term 2019: TBC

Drama Classes 5 to 18 years

  • Autumn Term 2018: €60
  • Christmas Term 2018: €55
  • Spring Term 2019: TBC

Instrumental Tuition 6 years to adult

  • Autumn Term 2018: €110*
  • Christmas Term 2018: €100*
  • Spring Term 2019: TBC


Discounts for 2nd / 3rd Children

  • We offer a discount for 2nd / 3rd children of the same family
  • Autumn Term 2018: €100
  • Christmas Term 2018: €90


*Please note that fees for instrumental lessons are based on 30 minute weekly lesson on your chosen instrument. For those playing at grade 5 standard or above a longer lesson will be required at additional cost.


To enroll for Expand School of Music you will need to pick up an enrolment form from the school, fill it in and return it with either deposit or full payment.


Please note that fees cover one term of lessons and are due at the beginning of each term. Expand School of Music offers two payment options:

  1. Payment in full at the beginning of each term
  2. €50, non-refundable deposit, followed by weekly payments of €10 per child until the balance is paid.


2018 / 19 Term Dates

Autumn Term

Week beginning 3rd Sept to
Week beginning 22nd Oct

Christmas Term

Week beginning 5th Nov to
Week beginning 17th Dec

Spring Term

Week beginning 7th Jan to
Week beginning 8th April


Important Notes

Note: Towards the end of the Christmas term, an altered timetable will be put in place to accommodate group rehearsals for the Christmas Concert. These group rehearsals will replace normal lessons for a two week period.



Additional Information for parents of those learning instruments


It is vital that your child has their own instrument to practice with at home. If you need advice on choosing and buying an instrument, then please ask the music school staff.

Teaching Books

Each student will be asked to buy a teaching book which will be used as the basis for learning. This must be brought to lessons each week. Details of teaching materials can be obtained from music school staff. Students must also bring a copy book to lessons each week


Each student MUST come to each class with a small copy book. This book will be used by the teacher to record practice for the coming week. It is vital that your child practices their chosen instrument on a regular basis. When a child starts learning an instrument we recommend that you encourage them to practice at least five times a week for between 5 and 20 mins at a time, depending on age and stage of development. This regular practice will ensure that they can make the most of their lesson time each week. Please do not encourage your child to play for hours at a time as this may cause physical difficulties and pain when starting out.

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